What's new in Oh Dear CLI 4

Oh Dear CLI is a command-line tool for the Oh Dear application monitoring service, written with Laravel Zero.

Binary rename

As part of the transition to v4, the CLI has been renamed from ohdear-cli to ohdear. This change was decided because this is now the official CLI tool (since v3), so it makes more sense to drop the -cli and keep a more official name.

This means that once you have updated to v4, via Composer, Brew, or another means of install, you will need to replace any references to the old CLI name.

For the installation via Brew, a symlink has been added for backwards compatibility.

1Password CLI (op) integration

As an accompaniment to the v4 release, I have been working on a 1Password CLI plugin (1Password/shell-plugins#269).

1Password shell plugins allow the API token to be stored within the password manager, and retrieved with biometric security.

If this pull request gets merged, the plugin can be initialised with:

op plugin init ohdear

This command will prompt to either import the API token from the OHDEAR_API_TOKEN environment variable, or to find an existing token within a 1Password vault.

The next time an Oh Dear CLI command is run, such as ohdear me, 1Password will prompt to authenticate with biometrics or system authentication.

To check whether everything is configured correctly, run op plugin inspect ohdear.

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