What's new in Oh Dear CLI 3

Published in Laravel Zero, Oh Dear CLI, PHP on May 15, 2022

Oh Dear CLI is a command-line tool for the Oh Dear application monitoring service, written with Laravel Zero.

As part of the transition to v3, the CLI has been made the official CLI for Oh Dear! It is now residing under the ohdearapp/ohdear-cli Composer package. You can take a look at the ohdearapp/ohdear-cli repository for the source code of the application.

Version 3.x has been updated to Laravel Zero 9 (#25) and the output has been rewritten using Termwind (#27).

It also features new commands for managing DNS history, application health, and better handling of unauthorised users.

First you'll need to install the CLI via Composer using:

composer require ohdearapp/ohdear-cli

If you're a macOS user, it's also now available through Homebrew! Check out the formula, or install it with:

brew install ohdear-cli

Once installed, set your API key in the OHDEAR_API_TOKEN environment variable. You can generate an API key from the API access page.

New commands

DNS History

  • Display a list of DNS history items and their summary

    ohdear-cli dns-history:list
  • Display details about a specific DNS history item

    ohdear-cli dns-history:show [site-id] [id]

Application Health

  • Display application health for a specific site (since v3.2.0)

    ohdear-cli application-health:show [id]

Lighthouse SEO Reports

  • Display a list of Lighthouse reports and their summary (since v3.3.0)

    ohdear-cli lighthouse-report:list [site-id]
  • Display details about the latest Lighthouse report (since v3.3.0)

    ohdear-cli lighthouse-report:show [site-id]
  • Display details about a specific Lighthouse report (since v3.3.0)

    ohdear-cli lighthouse-report:show [site-id] [id]