What's new in Laravel Zero 9

Laravel Zero 9 is the next major release which focuses on some speed improvements and a better developer experience. Check out the website and source code for further details.

Here are the main new features available in version 9 of Laravel Zero.

Laravel core features

As Laravel Zero extends the core Laravel framework, you can utilise new features that were added to version 9.x, and more. Check out their documentation to view all the new features.

PHP 8.x only

This release also drops support for PHP 7.4, in-line with Laravel core's changes.


Termwind is a package that adds Tailwind-style classes to your console commands. This is now included in Laravel Zero by default, which allows for rendering HTML templates with code such as:

render('<div class="px-1 bg-green-300">Termwind</div>');

Direct Download strategy for PHAR Updater

The Self Update functionality for compiled PHARs now supports extending the new DirectDownloadStrategyAbstract class (PR #8). This allows for hosting your PHAR updates on custom services such as AWS S3 or a static site, which is useful for internal applications that do not use Composer. Check out the Direct Downloads documentation for more information.

Final remarks

Overall, this release adds some minor but useful improvements to Laravel Zero, and hopefully should make the command line experience better for developers. If you have any ideas or requests, feel free to open an issue on the repository.

Check out the Laravel Zero 9 upgrade guide for full details on updating your application.

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