What's new in Laravel Zero 10

Laravel Zero 10 is the next major release which focuses on some speed improvements and cleaner, more consistent types. Check out the website and source code for further details.

Here are the main new features available in version 10 of Laravel Zero.

Laravel core features

As Laravel Zero extends the core Laravel framework, you can utilise new features that were added to version 10.x, and more. Check out their documentation to view all the new features.

PHP 8.1+ only

This release also drops support for PHP 8.0, in-line with Laravel core's changes.

Improved type hinting

Along with the type hinting changes to Laravel, we've included type hints throughout the internal code within the framework. We've also been able to change from level 1 to level 5 on PHPStan (we are hoping to increase this in future releases).

The skeleton is more strictly typed out of the box as well, with PHPStan's current max level (9) passing on the app and config directories.

Process Support

Laravel Zero 10 adds native support for the new Process functionality out of the box.

Final remarks

Overall, this release adds some minor improvements to Laravel Zero, and hopefully should make the command line experience better for developers. If you have any ideas or requests, feel free to open an issue on the repository.

Check out the Laravel Zero 10 upgrade guide for full details on updating your application.

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