Web3 Resources

26th Nov 2021 (updated 4th Jan 2022)


Block Explorers

  • Etherscan - Ethereum block explorer
  • Polygonscan - Polygon (MATIC) block explorer
  • Blockscan - Multi-chain block explorer, by the creators of Etherscan

Buying / Selling

  • Coinbase - Probably the most commonly used site for buying and selling cryptocurrencies
  • Changelly - A fast site for buying cryptocurrencies
  • Moonpay - A fast site for buying cryptocurrencies
  • Ramp - A quick and easy to use payment gateway for cryptocurrencies


  • CryptoScamDB - A list of known cryptocurrency scams and phishing attempts


Hosted APIs

  • Alchemy - A hosted API SaaS for EVM chains
  • Infura - A hosted set of ETH, ETH2, and IPFS API nodes
  • Chainstack - A hosted API SaaS for blockchain nodes
  • Moralis - Web3, REST, and fast node APIs for blockchain development

EVM API Documentation


  • Chainlist - An EVM swap site for accessing multiple chains
  • GasNow - Check the current and upcoming gas for transactions on Ethereum
  • Token Approval Checker (ETH) - Review and revoke token approvals for any dApps
  • Frame - A privacy-focused cross-platform wallet


  • CryptoZombies - Learn to code blockchain (Solidity) dApps with gamification
  • Chainshot - Learn to build blockchain related technology
  • Capture The Ether - A Solidity contract based game to learn about blockchain security
  • _buildspace - Learn to create blockchain technology such as Web3 apps and ERC-721 NFTs
  • NFT School - An open source collection of tutorials and guides for NFT development
  • Solidity By Example - A collection of Solidity examples to learn from
  • Web3 University - A collection of guides to blockchain development, a partnership between multiple Web3 communities
  • dApp University - A collection of YouTube videos revolving around Ethereum and Web3
  • Girl Gone Crypto - A collection of YouTube videos on Web3 and cryptocurrencies


  • ENS - The original Ethereum Name Service, a decentralised .eth domain for wallets, addresses, and more
  • Unstoppable Domains - Supports multiple TLDs, such as .crypto, .wallet, or .x
  • Bonfida Naming - Domain names for the Solana chain (supports .sol or Twitter handles)

Hardware Wallets


  • POAPs - Digital Proof of Attendance, minted on the xDai chain

IPFS / Storage

  • IPFS - The official decentralised storage solution for a distributed web
  • ipfs-mini - A tiny npm package for querying IPFS from the browser
  • Pinata - Hosted IPFS storage and IPFS pinning
  • NFT Storage - Hosted NFT storage via IPFS