Currently, as a full-time developer for Cylix Limited, I tend to spend most of my time working on internal proprietary projects.

Alongside this, I also work on the following open source projects:

Laravel Zero

Laravel Zero is a lightweight framework for command line tools, built on top of the Laravel components.
See the Laravel Zero category for more information.

tldr pages

tldr pages is a collection of simplified and community-driven man pages.


Pest is an elegant PHP testing framework built on top of PHPUnit.
See the Pest category for more information.

Oh Dear CLI

The unofficial Oh Dear CLI is a command-line tool for managing your sites on Oh Dear.
See the Oh Dear CLI category for more information.

Laravel XDG

A Laravel adapter for the XDG Base Directory specification.

Laravel Arionum

Laravel Arionum is a PHP wrapper for the Arionum cryptocurrency API.

Other repositories

I also contribute various PHP and JavaScript packages which can be found on my GitHub.

Homebrew Casks

A custom tap for the Brew package manager.

Scoop Bucket

A custom bucket for the Scoop package manager.